The Heartbeat of Debauchery (ladytalon1) wrote in mike_rogo,
The Heartbeat of Debauchery

Drabbling with Mike...

Only two for now...

For: guinny_hamilton
Character: Mike Rogo
Prompt: Weight

He considered himself in shape, and more fit than most even if one really didn’t need too much muscle to be a Sea Marshal. Mike Rogo lifted weights regularly and worked out because he had always believed in taking care of himself…plus, the ladies seemed to like it and it suited him just fine to be the first thing they looked at when he was in the room. He could bench-press an obscene amount, so it was extremely embarrassing when Mrs. Rosen decided to slip and fall during the safety drills and he had to help. Her jewelry weighed ten tons.

For: guinny_hamilton
Character: Mike Rogo
Prompt: Plaid

There was just something about it that set Mike Rogo’s teeth on edge. He wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but whenever he saw plaid it was like showing a red flag to an already irate bull. One of the reasons he was seriously considering another line of work was that on these sorts of cruises, there was always some idiot who just couldn’t leave their goddamned Burberry suitcase at home where it should stay. People who liked plaid should just stay at home with their luggage so as not to infect the rest of humanity with their depraved tastes.
Tags: fic, ladytalon1
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